October 16, 2009

Reunited in Vancouver!

There is no doubt - I am the luckiest penguin alive! The love of my life, Glammy Glacier, travelled all the way from the UK to Vancouver. What a surprise! I just adore surprises! I couldn't believe my eyes when there she stood, a pink vision of perfection before me, amongst the fallen autumn leaves. My heart skipped a beat or two and I could barely breathe. Glammy sensed my disbelief, and was the first to make a move, waddling right up to me, so close, our beaks nearly touched. It was a magical moment.

Before you all inquire as to how exactly this surprise visit came about, I will tell you: It will come as no surprise to those closest to me, to hear that I have been keeping in touch with Glammy daily, since my return to Canada via email, regular post and the odd telephone call every now and then (not always the easiest thing to co-ordinate given Glammy's hectic schedule, not to mention the time change, but I digress...). Naturally, Glammy knew of my plans to travel to Vancouver. Being the smartest, most glamorous, most fashionable, feminine, pink female penguin in the world, she knew exactly where to find me - near the ocean!

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  1. Lucky you! Now you waddle together to see round Canada!